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Clarissa P. Post
January 31, 2013
Last weeks I responded to a young ladies post about it being so cold in her house that she needed oil. I was led to write a response to her about the women in the Bible who fed the prophet of Elijah with the last bit of flour and oil.In this passage the Lord allowed this women to fill a bottle with oil and it never ran out. I prayed for her and asked the Lord to allow the oil company to come and fill her tank with oil.Then I asked the Lord to never let it run out so that during the next few months she and her family can be warm. This young lady is Jewish and she responded to what was posted. She reposted to all on Facebook that someone she doesn't know wrote an encouraging word. She then stated that she appreciated what I shared with her. She then wrote that she wanted to know the God that I know! She then asked if she could friend me and I said okay. She in boxed me and began to share her testimony with me. My heart was grieved but then I became overcome with joy. The spirit of God led me to encourage her some more. It's amazing because she stated that she wants a relationship with God but doesn't know how to get there. The Lord impressed in my spirit to tell her to purchase a journal and make her request known to Him.He would then begin to show her what to do and how He would meet her needs. This will be a testimony to Him and her that He is LORD of HER LIFE!!! I can't wait to meet this young lady! Salvation is on her way!!!!
Octavia B. Post
January 24, 2013
Pastor Darius assigned a prayer assignment for homework during on class on Jan. 21. For the assignment we were to list the schools of our cities and their principals and pray for them. Yesterday I got the urge to stop what I was doing and start praying for the schools. I noticed my prayer started to shift and I began to interceed for children and schools in America. I asked the Lord to began to remove the staff who are corrupt and who are abusing the children, upon many other things.I prayed so hard that I felt things shift, which I never felt before, and I began to cry. This morning I seen on the news that in LA a 4th grade teacher who was teaching for 40 YEARS has been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing 20 students. I'm so thankful for the Lord moving.
Beau S. Post
January 23, 2013
Around 3PM, a friend of mine who is away at college posted a status on Facebook which read: "And so God said on the third day, 'Let their be fevers.' So sick..."

I felt a push to reply to her status so I told her to rebuke the fever in the name of Jesus. I prayed that she would soon read it and that she would let my response sink into her mind. I felt the unction to lift my hands towards my laptop and I rebuked the illness that was upon her in the name of our Lord.

She said she had been sick for three days. About an hour after my post, she said that, "the fever is breaking as we speak!" Praise the Lord!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 22, 2013
My daughter lives at Bpt. Manor in Bpt,CT. It seems she always has low grade fevers-99.something. They always call to give me updates. One day they called me and told me to go to the hospital. The fever had spiked dangerously high. When I got to the hospital she did not know who I was due to the high fever. Her body was not responding to the medicine. The doctors came to me and asked me what were the orders.I did not answer; I fell apart. When I got my composure I went into the halls of that hospital at that big window at the end and I had a little talk with God. When I looked out the window all I could see was the beauty of His hands. From the seventh floor it was just beautiful. I said to God
if you can do all of this, create this great big world, then Narviar is just a little chore. I know you can bring her back from where she is now. There is no failure in You. I'll thank you to fix it now. I just don't know what I'd do without her. She is such a part of my life. I went back to her room-no change. Later I went home. Returned the next day, When I walked in the room Narviar looked up and said Mom...my. The best words I ever heard in my life. I started rejoicing, crying, and hugging her for my prayers had been heard and answered. All who read this continue to pray for us I continue to pray for myself and my child.
Beau S. Post
January 21, 2013
There is a Jewish man at my congregation who is coming to believe in Christ. For the past seven years he has been having a hard time reading the Bible, praying, and even simply speaking about our Lord Jesus. Last week, I met with my pastor, the man, and Sister Tineka to cast out the demon. As we were praying over him and commanding the demon to leave, Sister Tineka began to choke and lost her breath. The demon loosed the man and quickly turned to her. After a few minutes, we broke its grip and we asked the man to speak freedom in Jesus' name. I spoke with him after service on Sunday and he said he hasn't had any trouble at all. He freely spoke about the Lord and we praised God together. Unfortunately, the demon decided to continue to torment Sister Tineka and she asked me for help at our meeting for the Kenya mission trip. Along with my pastor and his wife, I commanded the demon to leave by the power and authority of the shed blood of our Lord on the Cross. It started to manifest once again and I commanded it to loose its grip on her and to leave the members of our church community alone in Jesus' name. There was a sudden shift in the atmosphere and we all felt the heaviness leave. Hallelujah! Every demon must bow to the name of Jesus, Amen.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 19, 2013
I was speaking with a sister in Christ who began speaking in tongues last month. She lives with her daughter and family who do not believe in tongues and they firmly let her know that the don't believe in it and she shouldn't do it. The atmosphere is stressful and oppressive and she hasn't been able to speak in tongues. She also has nightmares when she sleeps. I began to teach her about kingdom authority and we prayed and she felt instant relief, joy returned and the atmosphere was heavenly in her room. I'll be meeting with her Sunday morning for further ministry and helping her to begin to speak in tongues.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 19, 2013
Last week I was on the phone with someone and she suffers with bi-polar. She's believing God for complete deliverance. She was experiencing the inability to gather her thoughts and exhaustion and came home early from work. I prayed and commanded instant relief, clear thought processes, depression to go, etc. As we continued to speak she joyfully said that she could now think clearly and she began to rejoice because of answered prayer.
Annie J. Post
January 19, 2013
Annie J.
Dress Barn is the last place expected to be witnessing to anyone. s I was walking around looking at dresses, the Holy Spirit led me to a lady. I began to talk to her and found out that she was very troubled. I talked to her about salvation, led her to the Lord, and invited her to church. The next Sunday she was at church praising the Lord. I rejoiced with her.
Annie J. Post
January 19, 2013
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 19, 2013
We have begun the layoff process of some employees at my job. It has been a really emotional week for me. I am the H.R. Director and have to manage every notification of a layoff to each employee affected. It's hard to keep my emotions intact when I see how some are so devastated by the news of their layoff. I was reminded of how blessed I am that even in the face of possible unemployment myself, I can rest in the assurance that God will continue to take care of me. He is my source. I have been laid off several times in my 40 years in the workforce and He has always taken care of me. I had the opportunity to share this very Truth to one employee who has not been identified for layoff yet, but was still very nervous about the possibility. I shared the goodness and the greatness of God with him and told him to just hold on to the Truth that God loves us, we will all be fine -- better than fine. By the time my meeting was over with this employee, there was clear physical evidence of his peace about being able to deal with whatever his future holds. As I was talking to him, my office was filled with such peace, it was almost tangible. I know that God sent His peace into that room, not just for the employee I was speaking with, but for me and the tasks I have to continue to perform over the next weeks and possibly months. Praise God, my Jehovah Shalom! Shalom is not just peace; it's complete peace. It is a feeling of contentment, completeness,wholeness, well being and harmony. It is the absence of agitation or discord. It is something that can only be obtained through the Prince of Peace. Hallelujah!
"And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." Revelation 12:11

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