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Joshua G. Post
May 24, 2013
God bless you brothers and sisters, please join me in prayer for healing for some people who are close to me...

pray that my mom Evonne would heal well from her surgery. She's doing better but pray that the god would see her completely healed from surgery.

Pray for girlfriends father Wilfredo who's legs got really swollen after a car accident. The left leg is really bad and can barely put weight on it anymore, pray that healing would come in full restoration in both his legs including his gluteal area too, especially since they can't afford the medical bills b/c the person that hit him didn't have insurance.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 21, 2013
Prayer Request:
Please pray for one of the State Marshals Gerry Mulligan. He has been diagnosed with cancer in his rectum which has spread to his liver.
Joshua G. Post
May 14, 2013
Prayer Request:

My mother is scheduled for surgery tomorrow for her back shoulder and arm. she's been having issues with her bones in these areas so she decided to have surgery. please join me in prayer that the surgical procedure won't fail and that she will be healed in the lord's name... thank you
Nikilia R. Post
May 8, 2013
Lord I thank you and praise you merciful God...almighty and everlasting savior...Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven there is no sickness in heaven so let there be no more sickness in Ruby Reid my husband's grandmother let her body and mind be restored to better than before.....while we hear the docs report we believe in your higher report Lord one of life and victory ....give the docs supernatural wisdom and faith in the miraculous that only You Father God can bring!!!!!thank you Jesus waiting in expectation for a full recovery!!!!!!
Beau S. Post
April 29, 2013
Father God, there have been so many times in which we have turned our eyes from You. We thought we could do it better and yet we failed. The love you have for us, Father, is immeasurable and never-ending. We give You thanks and praise for drawing us near. In Jesus' name, I pray that You help us re-focus our vision. Bring back to our attention the things in which You have prepared for us and the things You have called us to do. In Jesus' name, let us see what You are doing and let us hear what You are saying. Father, open our eyes and our ears! Amen.
Beau S. Post
April 26, 2013
Prayer Request:

Please pray for a dear friend of mine, Brianna. She is pregnant (about 32 weeks) and believes she has food poisoning.

Father God, I ask that you bring healing to Brianna's body and protect her son in Jesus' name.
Clarissa P. Post
April 16, 2013
Lord tonight we come before your throne with a praise on our lips!!!!!We honor you and we reverence you for all that you have done and are continuing to do for the world. Lord we lift of the city of Boston ,Massachusetts to you today. We ask that you touch the hurting hearts .We ask that you send a supernatural manifestation of your healing powers to the town where so many have been hurt or touched by the disaster that happen yesterday. Speak a word to the hurting families now I pray .Send a special messenger by to see about the people who were caught off guard by this attack. Lord allow the government officials to catch whoever did this awful act. Lord we take authority over ever spirit that is not like you. We cancel the plans that the enemy has set for the various cities,states and countries. Teach oh Lord how to pray and make a dent in the enemies camp.We know that you are the ruler of all things. Show us your people how and what to pray for. In regards to North Korea and the events that are circulating now we ask for your grace and mercy to prevail. We ask that you move in a mighty way.Your word states in 2 Chronicles 2:14 If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face.that we will hear from heaven and you will heal the land.Lord move in a mighty way show us show to pray and what to pray for.We want to intercede for the nation and the world.Bless the hurting hearts today.Help us to look to you for direction and guidance in these last and evil days. The Kingdom of God is moving in the direction that you want it and for this we give you praise!!!!!!
Beau S. Post
April 5, 2013
O Lord, refine us in Your holy fire. Harden not our hearts and mold us into Your image, Jesus.
Joshua G. Post
April 2, 2013
Lord, I ask that you put in us what we need to spring forward in this season so we may launch RTNKC in the direction your calling us to be in. God, let the Holy Spirit flow into RTNKC to build up our temples of the Holy Spirit so we may learn more about and have more of the Holy Spirit to pour out onto others who need you.. Let it be done my king.
Clarissa P. Post
April 2, 2013
Good Morning Holy Spirit!!!!!! We thank you for always being there and being on time in all that you do for Reach the Nation Kingdom College. Most of all we thank you for teaching each and everyone of the students as to how to wait in expectancy for you to show up and move and speak to us on a daily,weekly,monthly basis. Lord As a class we are learning how to walk out what you are allowing Apostle Richard Furlow and Minister Darius Good to teach us. Father we as a class honor you for allowing us to learn how to trust you for all things. Father we as a class so desire to walk out what You did at Miracle Valley School back then.The only thing we know is that you desire to do it again. We thank you for preparing us to walk in your power under the unction of your precious spirit. We thank you for you son Jesus coming and standing in the gap for us and dying on the cross for our sins to redeem us back to you!!!! May we walk in all boldness according to your word,will, and way this day. Father help us to keep our eyes on the times and the season that we are in.We thank you for opening our eyes to see and our ears to hear! We thank you for allowing us to flow in the move of the Holy Spirit. May we be available to be used for your glory!!!! We thank you for each and every student that is attending RTNKC now and most of all for the students that you are adding daily to the school. We thank you for teaching us how to live by Kingdom culture/principles and most of all for allowing us to be able to walk in the fullness of what you have for each and everyone of us according to the measure that you have poured into each of us on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Lord may your will continue to be done in every student that passes through the school.May your will be done in the teachers that you allow to come to RTNKC to teach us along this journey during this season. May we all grow in the fear of you with reverence to what you have placed in our hands. May we tend to the word like a farmer tends to his crop.For you said the harvest is nearer than we think as we labor in the kingdom of God!!!May the fields expand so that everyone one we come into contact with can share in this walk of salvation. May we grow in all areas. May the seed of your word help us to reach the place that you desire us to reach.May we all continue to pray,testify and reach the nation as you so desire for us to do.Forever in your service through the good and bad times. For the lessons that you are bringing us through shall bring grow and maturity.For after all a test /trial shows us where we are in you and where you are taking us this is part of the walk.Help us all to persevere in all that you have allotted to each of us.It is all for your glory and for bringing Kingdom principles into this world. We all desire for the Kingdom of God to be seen on earth for we know that when it's all done you will be the one to say,"WELL DONE THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT ! " Lord may a special grace be given to people all over the world that are walking and fulfilling the work of your Kingdom on earth!!!!!
"And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hearerh us" - 1 John 5:14

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