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Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 26, 2013

Please pray for healing my Uncle Jose Miguel who is currently having lung problems and diabetes.
Beau S. Post
March 21, 2013
Prayer Request:

I was just informed that Sister Tineka's father was hit by a car while he was on a bike ride. Pray for his strength, his health, and for a fast recovery in Jesus' name. And also that the family may be blessed with the peace and comfort that is provided by His Spirit to get them through this difficult time.
Nikilia R. Post
March 20, 2013
Lord I worship and praise you this morning for your are worthy, worthy to be honored and adored....thank you merciful father for what you have already blessed our country with....Lord as President Obama visits Israel I pray for protection over his life....I pray for revelation to his security team and I pray that he has a prophetic peron on his team who is advising him about what you want for Israel.....let the words our President speaks represent your desires even if they are unpopular...Let the schemes of the enemy be put to rest before he gets off the plane.....Let there be a hedge of protection around him today Lord.....I know that a person in his position of authority is always being threatened but I pray on this day that you send angels to protect him.....let those angels cover any attacks against him our while he is in Israel and when he returns thank Lord for your protection in Jesus Name
Clarissa P. Post
March 20, 2013
Lord today I come before you presence with thanksgiving. I life up the children in the school system all over this country.So many of them face so much that it becomes difficult for them to stay on task. The things that they are confronted with on a daily basis is big. But one thing I know for sure. There is no circumstance that you can't turn around. I believe that you have placed people in certain jobs to see what need to be prayed about. The youth in our classrooms are the future for tomorrow. Lord I thank you that you will use your servants to impart life over each and every student. Impart life through the word in our daily prayers sent for for each and every student. In regards to the students who attend church I pray that you ignite your Holy Spirit in them so that they can bring about a change in the schools everywhere as well as in life on a daily basis. I thank you for insight that you give daily regarding the needs of the children I come in contact with. All glory and honor belongs to you!!!!
Beau S. Post
March 19, 2013
I was having a conversation with a co-worker of mine about the new pope and about our faith. She told me that her daughter, Kelly, is struggling with believing in God because of past experiences and relationship problems with her father. She is a nurse and only looks to that which is in the natural. She has been brought up in believing in Christ Jesus but is uncertain of her faith because of beliefs that are taught in the Roman Catholic Church.

"A father to the God in his holy dwelling (Psalm 68:5)." Lord, you are the one, true Father that pours out His love upon all. I pray that You take Kelly up in Your arms and reveal Your love to her. In the name of Jesus, renew her mind and bring to her Your salvation. I thank You, Jesus, for hearing my request and for the confidence I have that You will deliver Kelly from this state of confusion. May it be done in Your name, Lord Jesus.
Beau S. Post
February 26, 2013
One of our team members from Kenya named Vinny had the opportunity to preach in a prison to a group of 15-18 year olds. When he finished preaching and giving his personal testimony, he asked if anyone would like to publicly accept Jesus Christ as Lord. Three young men (named James, David, and Francis) raised their hands, repented of their sinful ways and gave their lives to Christ. They came up to greet Vinny and asked him to pray with them. The officer of the youth, Silas, also accepted Jesus as Savior and went up along with them.

Lord Jesus, I ask that You bless each of these men who have given their lives to You. I thank You for granting them peace of the mind and for showing them Your mercy, Your grace, and Your love. I pray that this is the beginning of many great things that are to come. May they continue to seek You and abide in Your word. In Your Holy Name, Jesus, I ask these things. Amen.
Nikilia R. Post
February 23, 2013
Please pray with me for my aunt Juanita Stewart Finney, the doctors have diagnoised her with a blood clot and they will be doing a biopsy on her lungs tomorrow.....I am waiting in expectation for her healing to manifest
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 18, 2013
Marion has chosen to go to Hospice because she will be able to receive better treatment. Her doctors at Yale said there wasn't anything more they knew to do. Hospice offers care for other than the terminally ill. They are determining physical therapy and direction for dealing with the cancer. They can't determine where the cancer came from or the center of its origin.

She has her voice back and now has strength to sit up for hours. She looks good. Specific prayer:
• Proper doctors chosen
• When she leaves Hospice she wants to be able to go home. This means she has to be able to walk up and down stairs
• The flat bones in the body (ribs, hip, etc) produce blood. Currently the blood is not being produced properly causing pain, improper creation of iron and potassium, etc. Pray for her blood to be properly produced and everything by the blood being perfectly produced
• Tumors currently in head effecting retina. Total dissolving of all tumors and restoration of eye sight, Tumors are also in neck and other parts of body
• Return of proper blood pressure
• Cancer resident in lungs, bone and thyroid. Complete manifestation of total deliverance from cancer and no occurrence anywhere else in body.
• Strong healthy lungs and no more need of oxygen.
• Healing of all sinus congestion
• Pain in ribs (flat bone) keeps her up at night. Complete ability to sleep through the night without pain.

Lakiya N. Post
February 15, 2013
Heavenly father I come into your courts with thanksgiving and praise. Lord I come before you asking for healing for Anna M. She is in need of a kidney. The doctor has given her a report but I believe the report of the Lord. There is nothing too hard for you God. I pray for a miracle on her behalf Lord whether it be a new kidney or restoration of her weakened kidney. Whatever you see fit God-your will be done. Lord I pray for her mind and her emotions. Father help her to rest and trust in you and know that all things are possible in you. I pray for her salvation for she was once a believer-Lord help her to believe again...God I thank you. I give you the honor and the praise in Jesus name I pray. AMEN
Nikilia R. Post
February 14, 2013
Please join in praying for Tripp Halstead he is going into surgery to remove his stunt and pump......he has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis....he has been moved to ICU he has been in pain and awake for 51 hours.....this has all come from an accident where a tree hit him on the head at daycare. Please pray for his mom who is struggling to watch her baby suffer she is trying to keep the faith but she and her husband need prayer too.....pray for God to ease their fears.....pray for the hands and wisdom of the surgeons and pray for miraculous healing.....
"And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hearerh us" - 1 John 5:14

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