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March 4, 2013
On 2/26 I prayed with a sister in Christ and she was overwhelmed with life. She wasl experiencing demonic presence on the property right outside of home. I gave her Matt 10:1. I Spoke to her about kingdom authority and her being seated at right hand of God…. Things were also constantly breaking down in house (toilet, furnace, etc). We prayed against that also. She felt oppression leave.On 3/3 she told me that she's still free from demonic oppression and nothing has broken down since we prayed. Lesson: don't limit God in anything that concerns your life. If you're concerned, He's concerned and will to help in any area of life.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 27, 2013
As of yesterday Marion is walking more. She took a bath by herself and dressed herself for the first time. She did need help for her socks.

Her prayer requests on 2/26:
When she was in Milford rehab she caught a virus in her lungs and they are weakening. She requests the return of 100% functioning of her lungs.
She can feel another lump on the back of her head. Continued prayer of agreement that all tumors and effects of cancer be gone.
An existing tumor in her head is still effecting one eye. Complete return of sight.
Pray that God directs those making decisions (husband and doctors, etc.) in choosing the next step of treatment options.

Thanks for your prayers. Marion is a walking miracle.
Nikilia R. Post
February 27, 2013
Just got awesome news my Aunt Juanita's biopsy came back cancer free....healed in Jesus Name Thank you Father for you are worthy to be praise!!!!!!!!
Beau S. Post
February 26, 2013
As Brother Richard was speaking of the gift of healing last night, I remembered something that happened on the trip. It was Sunday evening and our group was going to dinner. Sister Tineka got this sudden dizziness, back pain, and felt dehydrated and tired from the heat. The Lord brought to my attention John 4:14 where Jesus was telling the Samaritan woman that whoever drinks of the living water He provides will never thirst again. I went over to Sister Tineka and prayed that she would hydrate herself with the the living water of Christ and laid my hands on her for healing (along with another female group member). She felt an instant release from her ailments and proclaimed that she was made well by the healing power of Christ. This was just one of several healings that took place during the week (this one particularly was one that I had witnessed and asked the Lord to use me in). I thank God that He is healer yesterday, today and for ever!
Beau S. Post
February 25, 2013
A friend that I asked for prayers for (Matt) has come back to faith in Christ Jesus. I told him that the Lord had put him on my mind and that I had been praying for God to open his eyes. He had a supernatural encounter with a spirit. He said he did not feel an evil presence but described it as being a dark figure. Whether it was an angel or a demon, his eyes were opened and made him realize that God is indeed real and so is the devil. He fell from the faith for a while and had let the world dictate his beliefs. I thank our Almighty Father for answering the prayers of His children! He thanked me for the love and care that I showed unto him and we praised the Lord together. Allelujah.
Beau S. Post
February 25, 2013
Last Monday was the first day at the school in Kenya (Grace Community Education Centre). At the end of the day, I was invited by Sister Tineka to get some tea at the hotel we were staying at. She also invited a member of the team named Meghan. We had the opportunity to minister and preach the gospel to her for over two hours. I received a word a week in advance that was for someone on the team. The Lord brought it back to my attention and told me to speak it to her: "Do not be afraid. Draw closer to Me and to My Word." She broke down in tears after I spoke the word and I prayed over her. She was afraid that she was not pleasing God and that she was wrong to leave the Catholic church. The Lord broke through those doubts and fears she was carrying along with her and poured His love upon her.

From this encounter I had learned that this was one of the tasks the Lord had assigned me to do on this trip. Pastor Rich told us that the word he received for the trip was to encourage one another. What a wonderful opportunity to encourage a new sister in Christ! We met every night for the remainder of our time in Kenya and we plan on continuing our "tea-time" chats. Allelujah to Jesus!

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7)."
Octavia B. Post
February 14, 2013
A brother in Christ came to me and asked that I keep his girlfriend in prayer. She had been suffering for a while from severe migranes. She went for a catscan and the doctors weren't sure if surgery was needed. Today I followed up with him to see how she had been doing and he said there has been a complete turn around! Because of this, she had been seeking more of God!! I'm so thankful for God's healing power and demonstration of His love for us.
Beau S. Post
February 11, 2013
Jesus always delivers.

One person that I came in contact with during my mall trip was a girl I remembered from high school. I shared "homeroom" with her brother since middle school. My friend said that we were to enter the store where she works and there would be someone there. I started a conversation with her and asked her how her brother was doing. Unfortunately, she was working so I could not offer prayer directly to her but decided to pray on my way out.

Her brother just contacted me via Facebook and told me that the Lord directed him towards me. I had the opportunity to share my testimony with him and found out that he is a born-again believer! He said that school started to push him away and that he was beginning to back-slide. He told me that he is trying to reconnect with God and wants to catch up and talk about my walk with Christ. I also had the chance to break down some religious walls that were stopping my friend from reaching that place of intimacy with the Lord. I thank God for allowing me to speak into the life of a good friend and I pray that His work continues in him in Jesus' name. Amen!
Beau S. Post
February 5, 2013
On December 19th, I posted a testimony concerning a dream the Lord had given me concerning a friend of the past. In the post, I said that she was accepted to the graduate school of her choice in San Francisco. I did not hear from her since and just recently found out that she is all moved in and started her first class yesterday. I congratulated her, praised God, and asked Him to continue to reveal Himself to her.

I thank You, Lord, for instilling passions and desires in our hearts to be the best we can be. I pray that she will realize that this precious gift comes from her Father in heaven whom loves her unconditionally.
Beau S. Post
February 3, 2013
A friend of mine invited me to the mall on Saturday to evangelize and pray for people. He said the Lord told him that there would be a few people in particular that he would show us to pray for and that they would be healed. My friend found those two and offered them prayer and they accepted it. God gave me a picture of a caucasian woman and the word 'relationship.' Sure enough, I found a woman sitting down watching over her niece in a stroller. I spoke with her for a bit and asked her if I could pray for her relationship with her niece and with the Lord. She said that would be great and I did. As soon as I finished praying over her, she shouted "Amen!" and thanked me for taking the time to speak with her. It was such a wonderful day and a blessing to be able to spread the love of Christ Jesus.
"And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." Revelation 12:11

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