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Beau S. Post
January 31, 2019
Father, we give You thanks and praise. You have spoken to us concerning the state of Your Church and the need for the gospel to be preached, demonstrated, and lived. We ask that you create in us a deeper hunger and thirst for righteousness. We want more of Your Presence and Your Kingdom to come. We thank You for Your love, Your grace, and Your power manifesting in our lives as well as through us, Your people. Help us and strengthen us, we ask, in Jesus' Name.
Edwin R. Post
April 20, 2017
Father, we thank you that the winds of revival are blowing and revival is here. We give you thanks for teaching us about who we are in you. We are sons and orphans. Our true identity is only in you. We thank you that there is a true Apostolic reformation and a restoration in the prophetic. We pray that the prophetic voice be strengthened. We pray that there will be renewed strengthen for the Apostolic leaders to continue to push back darkness and continue to bring light. We thank you For your strength. You are a mighty God, a strong tower our fortress.
Edwin R. Post
October 21, 2016
Father, we thank you for your new mercies every morning. Thank you for your love that has no end, there are no words to how great your love truly is. Thank you for being a Father. We pray today that you will give us discerning hearts. Let our hearts be melted with your love and everything that stems from darkness be uprooted. We command our eyes to see and our ears to hear. Forgive us for our arrogance and rebellion. We need you. We want to burn for you.
Edwin R. Post
October 13, 2016
Father, we thank you for the Apostolic move in the New England area. Father, we thank you for sending Generals to impact the culture and the region. We give you thanks for the prophetic rising in this hour. We thank you for this move of knowing who we are. We are whom we say You Are. We thank you for your mercy for allowing us to live in this season. Our hearts are yours, our lives belong to you. I command our ears to be open to Your voice and our eyes to see. We give you all of the glory. You are the Lord of the breakthrough! You are the Lord Strong and Mighty. We speak strength into every Apostolic and prophetic leaders. They will run and not walk.
Beau S. Post
September 20, 2016
Yes Father, we thank You for the time and season that we are in. Thank You for Your Word. Time is back on our side! The principality has been dethroned. The Word of the Lord shall come to pass. No more delay or hindrance! We pray for the development of the region. We pray that Your people would bring increase and influence to the seven mountains. We thank You for the spirit of revelation and wisdom. We march forward to advance the Kingdom and are understanding the power and authority we carry as the sons of God! Alleluia! All glory, honor and powers is Yours, forever and ever. Amen!
Edwin R. Post
September 20, 2016
Lord, we give you thanks for this weekend. Thank you for the principality that was dethroned and for the angel of time coming and reversing the time. Thank you Lord for this season of momentum. Thank you for giving us strength to continue to push. Father, that there would be strategy to advance your kingdom. We pray that you would give help and divine connections. Help us Lord be aware when the help comes. Thank you for your goodness and mercy towards us. You are great.
tanya b. Post
September 11, 2016
Thank you for this great breakthrough in this month of September! I'm in expectancy of your move! I pray for there to be increase in eyes and ears being open as the search of this building transpires and that before we receive the building that favor and blessings be given unto us for equipment and furnishing and that You my God would blow our minds with how much will be poured out to help build and fill! Let us recognize the help when it comes! Let finances be taken care of in the mighty name of Jesus! ““Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7 NKJV
You are the great I AM! You are the impossible! Your word is truth! And You my God are our present help in need, Hallelujah! We lack nothing!
Edwin R. Post
August 29, 2016
Lord You are great and worthy of all the Praise. We exalt you today, Thank you for your goodness, thank your new mercies every morning. Thank you for kindness towards us. We give you praise today because You are great. Thank you for giving us another day. Thank your strength to wake us up. We thank your access through the blood. We thank you for the victory in You Jesus. Hallelujah!!! Father, we thank you for revival that is coming to New England. We thank you for the year of expansion. We thank you for this time of renewing. We need you Lord ! We thank you because Your Holy.
tanya b. Post
August 26, 2016
Thank you Lord for You my God are worthy to be praised!

Oh how I love thee! Oh how You show us on the daily a love that cannot be compared.
Your power is like no other, Your words bring life to those whom seek Your heart, who seek answers in wanting to know more of who are.

Lord I thank You because You first loved me, I thank You for the woman of God I am turning out to be. Thank You for the daily strength that You have given to me, thank You for you're everyday mercies in which I get to live another day, another chance, another opportunity to get it right, another day to grow and move towards the goals and dreams that you've placed in my heart.

Oh Lord how I love thee, how you placed me at the right place at the right time, how you tailored me to a fit of perfection, how the Holy Spirit fits us for that which comes in us, your kingdom, which access is freely
granted, freely given. Thank You for promotion in which we have new access, ranks and levels! You my God are worthy! You hear the cries of Your people! I thank You for the year of expansion, for the season of answered prayers! I thank You for You are wonderful, marvelous and glorious!

I am strong, confident, empowered, renewed, free, holy, successful, prosperous, intelligent, gifted, artistic, creative, honest, loyal, committed, determined, fearless, courageous, bold, I am money, I am a woman of God! I am God's mouth piece! I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I am kind! I am wonderful! I am beautiful! I am book smart! I am health! I am an encourager! I am a prayer warrior! I am prophetic! I am a seer! I am!
Josue M. Post
August 21, 2016
Hallelujah! God you are good! So good and worthy of all praise! I thank you because of what you have done of what you are doing and what you are about to do… I understand that it's already done but the manifestation of it is about to break forth! I thank you for this time that we are in… I thank you for this opportunity that you have given unto us where our mindsets are being changed and renewed and we are being transformed! I thank you that you are expanding our capacity to understand to obtaint, retain and maintain your truth so that we can be who you've created us to be and do what you have purposed for us to do! I thank you that we are made holy by you not because of what we do or don't do, but because of your grace and mercy and your love! I think you for the process of preparation knowing that you have chosen us for such a time as this. Let your will be done on the earth as it is in heaven through us! We are revival! I am light to those that are in the dark, breakthrough took those that are stuck in cycles of bondage, healing to those who are sick and life to those that are dead! I am prosperity! I am success! I am smart! I am strategic! I am victorious! And I give you all the glory and the honor!
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"And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hearerh us" - 1 John 5:14

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