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Josue M. Post
October 3, 2018
I was transporting a patient to a doctors appointment. On the way she had told me of the things that have happened in her life which werenít good. I also got to return her back to the rehabilitation center and she had told me how she gets depressed and how her daughter told her she never had this before, so it was something that began recently. She also told me sheís been having nightmares and the more she talked the more I got mad at the devil. She had been praying to God for a sign and while Iím driving I told her I was the sign and that God was going to answer her prayer. Once we arrived, I parked the van and told her I was going to pray for her strong and I began to pray and I commanded the spirit that was causing her depression and nightmares to go in Jesus name. I asked her if I could lay hands as well and I layed my hands on her and commanded that to break. Once I had finished praying for her she said that she felt a little better like a relief. I told her she was going to have good sleep and good dreams. Two days later I get an assignment to transport her again. She had told me that the same night I prayed for her, I was in her dream. She didnít know what the dream was about but she remembered I was in it and that since I prayed for her she didnít have anymore nightmares. Glory to God! God is so faithful! He is so good!
Beau S. Post
September 18, 2018
At the beginning of class on 9/10, Apostle Richard prophesied that God would be doing unusual things over the next week (starting that Monday night). Not that it would be unusual for the realm of the Spirit but for us as He is opening our senses.

I had a dream Sunday night / Monday morning in which I was in my backyard. There was this beast resembled a mountain lion that spotted me and I went to go confront it. The beast was sent to kill me but I knew that I had the power to deal with it. As it lunged at me, I side-stepped it and grabbed it by its jaws and ripped its skull in two with my bare hands. I took its remains and placed it in the middle of the yard as a "trophy" and warning to anything else that tried to come for me and those in my house. After doing so, these massive feline-like animals came out from the woods and were staring at me. They were much larger than the first beast. I began to strategize how to take them out as I did with the first beast. But before I can make a move, I knew the Lord had instructed me to retreat and wait in my house. I had to stay put to protect those inside. As I waited inside (watching these creatures very closely), a herd of these gigantic yet beautiful deer came out from another section of the woods. They had these ornate antlers and horns. There was one that had a bell around its neck. And as it sounded, all the other creatures stopped in their tracks and followed the herd of deer. And in an instant, they all had vanished. There was this peace that came upon their leaving and I knew without a doubt that they would not be coming back.

Apostle Richard asked me to share this last night during class. He taught us that this was spiritual speech and that the dream wasn't just for myself but that there was a message for everyone. The Lord gave the interpretation through Apostle Darius and several students (Brother Josh, Sister Niki, Brother Harold). This was to show that I am coming to a place of authority and dominion (similar to what David experienced with facing the lion). I am coming to a place of kingship. The sounding of the bell was acceleration. When the Lord spoke to me to withdraw, He was saying to be obedient and He will fight for me. Those three beasts were above the authority and strength I had but if I listen to Him then He will strengthen me and tell me when to move. Apostle Richard told me that the Spirit of Might was coming upon me.
Beau S. Post
March 13, 2018
I have a financial testimony I would like to share. Every year around March / April, there is a performance review that my department is required to complete. The company I work at has not consistently given raises to each of their employees for 6 years. Yet every year (for 5 years since I started full-time at my job) I have seen an increase in my salary. My prayer in the first quarter of each year is that God would bring financial increase so I can increase investing in His Kingdom.

Last year I was tasked with several other assignments and projects that fall outside of my scope as a result of lay-offs and others finding another position elsewhere. It seemed as if my hours doubled over the past year and I was not sure of whether or not I should stay with what I was making. I was called into a meeting with my manager several weeks ago to review my overall work and accomplishments in 2017. She received such positive feedback from the other managers that I have been assisting and told me she went straight to the VP and said that I needed (not deserved) a promotion and a raise. The VP agreed and I was given a promotion to a higher-paying tier and also received a 15% increase in my salary! The standard raise is roughly 2-3%. This promotion and increase in my salary has been a tremendous blessing and an answer to prayer. Hallelujah!
Josue M. Post
September 10, 2017
Apostle had told me to look for the gates. This was concerning finances and how when people ask to help or offer to help its a gate where there is a flow coming to us. Many times I have rejected the help. I actually was stopping the flow of what God wanted to bring to me. After Apostle told me about the gates, that week I was very attentive and I was able to recognize them. Everyday I was seeing the gates and was receiving money and one day, because I recognized a gate, I ended up coming home with almost $90 worth of groceries. That helped a lot! Glory to God! I thank God for Apostle teaching me this! This was definitely eye-opening!
Renee S. Post
August 20, 2017
Before this past Thursday, for at least two weeks or so, I had been having a hard time waking up. I had 3 alarms that were always set but for some reason I just could not manage to get up. There were mornings when I don't even remember turning my alarm(s) off. This has never happened to me consistently for an extended period of time in the past so I knew the cause was more than just not getting enough sleep, possible stress or poor diet. I received prayer during this past Thursday's class and I immediately felt whatever darkness that was over me lift. Since that night, I have been sleeping much better and have had no issues with waking up at all. The best way for me to describe how I felt the morning after being prayed over is that I felt renewed. As if I had come out of a shell of something demonic and into the Lord's protection. Hallelujah!
Renee S. Post
August 16, 2017
Similar to Edwin's experience, a few weeks ago I was going through my belongings and noticed I had something that kept me connected to the past. I went to reach for it and heard "maybe you should keep it, you never know." I immediately threw the item in the garbage and felt relief. After the lesson given on demonic influence, I went through my phone, deleting contacts and pictures that no longer have a place in my life. A day or two later I took a few minutes to shred every card, letter and picture that has kept me from moving on because of the emotional tie I had to them. My mind is so much clearer and I can say with certainty that I am free from the demonic voices that tried to keep me bound to what once was. Thank you, Lord for new beginnings!
Edwin R. Post
August 10, 2017
in class, we have learned that demonic spirits have a source of strength which can come from items in the home to bring torment. As I went to my room, there were seasons of my mind being bombarded by missing the past. I immediately went into my room to search for any times that were connected to the past. Then I remembered I had a box with old letters from past relationships and items. I began to tear each letter apart and throwing away the items such as clothing and cds. I sensed a little resistance to keep the items where they were. I screamed out loud I AM FREE and finally I threw them all out. That night my mind has been in complete peace. Hallelujah!
Beau S. Post
July 17, 2017
I received a text Friday morning from a coworker. She said that for several days one of her eyes would swell up upon awaking and would stop around the time she would come into work (9AM). The text she sent me said that her eyes had felt like they were swelling out of their sockets since 1AM. She wrote, "Warning...your view today will be a puffy face." When I got in, she said they were gradually swelling since and actually had a bag of ice on her desk hoping to bring them down. I told her it was time to pray and she responded, "Yes!" I laid my hands on her and commanded the stress that was causing the swelling to go in Jesus' Name. I went to a meeting and then when I returned to my desk I had asked her about the condition. She said she felt the swelling stop though her eyes were still a bit puffy. I told her that if she felt the swelling begin again to remember what I had spoken over her and to say aloud (with her voice) that she is healed. Within the hour, she was completely healed. Hallelujah! Our God is Healer.
Edwin R. Post
July 17, 2017
Our God is great!
For several weeks, I have been feeling burdened by temptations of my past and feeling fatigued in what was going on with my family. I knew that I am free from my past however we have learned that demons come back. My mind felt as if it was under attack with thoughts however I began to resist. As we were in class, hands were laid on me and broke the influence of that spirit. Today, I am completely free. Not only is my mind at peace, the Lord strengthened me also. I am completely grateful our God is a deliverer!
Beau S. Post
March 29, 2017
I had been struggling with getting good rest for over a week. I wouldn't be able to fall asleep until sometime between 2AM-3AM and only to be woken up every hour or so. I was tired, fatigued, and just felt drained. I also had two demonic encounters over that week in which it felt as if I was being choked and restrained to my bed.

The Lord met us wonderfully at Monday night's class. His presence and power were available and came to bring deliverance, healing, and strength. I received prayer and hands were laid on me. I felt three "jolts" of power flow through me from the top of my head down to my feet. Within seconds, I felt COMPLETELY NEW! I am delivered and free! Thanks be to God! I have had the best nights of sleep over these past couple of days. For the first time in months I was able to sleep a full eight hours without ANY interruption.
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"And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." Revelation 12:11

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