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Reach The Nations Kingdom College School of Ministry is committed to the spiritual development of our students. We endeavor to provide a strong academic  and practical environment with the purpose of equipping, training and releasing our students into their purpose and God appointed destiny.  

Course Descriptions
Emphasis on the experience as well as a concentration on the application of truths is encouraged in each course as well as the course study material.  Many other subjects will be covered and courses and course schedules may change as we endeavor to stay on the cutting-edge of what God is doing in the earth. Each week, semester and every year may be different as the Holy Spirit leads into new realms of revelation and emphasis.
A partial list of courses offered include:

The Cultural Mandate: Engaging Culture through Kingdom Principles and penetrating the 7 pillars of society.

Restoring The Foundations: The Doctrines of Christ. The Power of God is contained in the Message of the Cross. The Good News of Jesus Christ is examined and how it works.

Life In The Spirit: A study of the spirit world and its influence on culture. The importance of being filled with the Spirit, the power of speaking in tongues and walking in the Spirit is explored. We will also focus on the importance of worship as well as hearing from God.

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts: The study of the Person of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire. An in-depth study of the gifts of the Spirit including the five fold ministry and their functions. This course will cover practical instruction on flowing in the Spirit and learning how to yield to the Voice and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Kingdom Authority: This course deals with the rights and authority of the believer as it pertains to our relationship and identity with Christ.  What Sonship is and what it means to be "in Him." The righteousness, grace and favor of God is also explored.

Revival Culture: The exploration of true revival as a lifestyle. Living a life of divine passion in God's fire. This course focuses on personal evangelism and the different types of prayer.

Bible Study Methods: The inductive study skills taught in this class will be foundational for many other courses. The methods taught will involve seeing the truth (observation), discerning its meaning (interpretation), and applying its truth to students' lives (application).

History of Revival and Revivalists: This is an in-depth study of moves of God in recent church history, including biographical studies of noted men and women of the faith who impacted generations with their life, message and ministry.

Ministering in the Prophetic: The nature and calling of the biblical prophets will be studied as well as the role of the prophetic in the church today. Students will learn to minister in revelatory gifts as the Spirit leads through principles and practice.

Prayer and Intercession: This is a presentation of the foundational importance of prayer in the life of every believer, which will also discuss the varied aspects of prayer, intercession, and travail.

Principles of Praise and Worship: This is a course examining the biblical foundation for praise and worship, including renewal trends in the church. It will also examine the necessity of believers living a "lifestyle of worship."

Restoring the Desolated Cities: National and International Missions: This is a study, discussion and practice of the apostolic principles of missionaries and emphasizes understanding the believer's call to reach the lost. Topics will include: the biblical basis for local and foreign missions, stateside preparation, social and cultural adjustments, family principles, missions methods, etc.

Signs and Wonders: Special Emphasis on the Healing Ministry: This focuses on the foundations of the Old Testament and the fulfillment and practical outworking of the ministry of the miraculous in the New Testament.


  • Elementary study of the Greek and Hebrew languages
  • Demonology and Spiritual Warfare
  • The Anointing and Mantles
  • The Government of God - The Apostolic Church
  • Reigning In Life - Understanding The Old and New Testament
  • The Blood Covenant
  • The Tabernacle of David
  • Power Series
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