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Josue M. Post
June 19, 2016
We must be a praying people. We serve a prayer-answering God. We must take every opportunity to pray for people. You'd be surprised how open people are to prayer. I transport people to doctors appointments, rehab centers, cancer centers and other sorts of medical facilities as an occupation. Out of nine years that I've been working at this particular job, I have only encountered maybe less than a handful of people that are resistant to prayer. I'm not saying I prayed for every patient I transported but looking back I can only think of two or three that have declined. Most people i've asked to pray for really do want prayer (And if you have the greenlight sometimes you don't even have to ask, you could just immediately begin to pray for people and the power of God would just rush in) People have needs. The Saved and the unsaved. Whenever people talk about their needs it creates an opening or an opportunity to meet the demand. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe God would set up people to be at the right place at the right time. #Divine appointments. But even if it wasn't necessarily in the agenda (The woman with the issue of blood, Jesus and his disciples crossing paths with the funeral procession) A demand can still be made! Just recently I transported an elderly couple to a cancer center. They were going through a difficult time and so I felt led to pray for them and they were touched that I would do that. The husband said yes the wife when she realized what I was asking immediately became emotional but grateful and happy too; I asked to grab their hands and I prayed for them and blessed them. And I tell you they received strength and peace and who knows the extent of the impact that made. We've got to bless people! We've got to be bold and pray and bless and speak into peoples lives and encourage them and lead them them on the right path. We know what God can do; We know Him! And the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits!
Edwin R. Post
May 25, 2016
I would like to begin my testimony during the summer of 2014. I would like to say that this was one of the darkest moments in my life. When I was a child, I was raped by family member. As I grew into my teens, I began to struggle with same sex attraction. The Lord had given me clear warning not to enter into that lifestyle however in 2014, that’s exactly what I did. Because of my rebellion, I departed from the Lord and entered into a downward spiral. I dove right into the same sex lifestyle. In the beginning, I began to drive to Greenwich Village (thinking about it as San Francisco-but in the North East.) I would drive to NYC almost every day. While walking through the village, I started to drink, going to clubs and eventually I entered into a same sex relationship. All I can remember was drinking to fill the void inside of me, I felt empty, alone and depressed and The Lord was still tugging at my heart to come back. I would hear His voice in my heart telling me “You don’t have to live this way.” And still I refused to yield to His ways. I remember feeling as if I was standing on quicksand, the more I tried to escape, the more I began to sink. During the end of the relationship, I discovered I was cheated on with several men. I ended the relationship however I began to notice something was wrong with me physically. My lymph nodes started to swell, I felt fatigued all the time. I felt as if I had the flu. As I began to do research, I noticed these were the early signs of being HIV positive. How can I explain this to my mom or even my family. I began to think. And there I was sick in my body with darkness all around me. This was the end of summer, I felt like I had no escape, and that night I was planning to end my life. I began to write suicide notes to my closes family and friends. I had the full plan ready, i thought that was it! Its all over! Until the Lord kept pulling my heart that night. I was tired of running, tired of being rebellious. I couldn’t live like this anymore. I went to RTNKC Prayer course and that night Apostle Richard laid hands on me and all I remember was the fatigue leaving my body and a peace that words can’t explain. The Lord again warned me to leave that life style and as I left the prayer course, I stopped on the highway with many tears falling from my eyes and cried out with all my heart screaming, “Lord, I am going to follow you, I yield, I surrender to You. I give you my life.” I was tested and came out Hiv negative. He healed my body! He broke the bondages, broke the control and gave me a new day! The Lord healed my body that night and I am forever grateful. From that point on, I changed my mind, stayed in fellowship which was key to my restoration. Now, I am standing with victory all around me, I am healed in my body, I am free and delivered . If the Lord can do for me, He can do for you! His Mercy endures forever! His goodness lead me to repentance!!! If you are sick in your body, He is a healer!!! Hes a keeper! There is nothing impossible for the Lord! Hallelujah!
Tina h. Post
May 24, 2016
Praise God! Several weeks ago, I crossed my arms and brushed across what might have been a lump in my breast. It seemed inconsequential. I ignored it. A week passed and again I crossed my arms and noticed this time tenderness and a definite lump. This was on a Monday. The possibility was obvious to me so I told no one. Their words would only add to the fight against the words of Jesus as healer to me, and already He was providing a peace in me that was protective. An appointment was made with a doctor for the following Thursday. The doctor confirmed the small lump and immediately began talking about the need for diagnostic testing; not only a mammogram, but an ultra sound. While we were in that office discussing next steps, neither she nor I suggested a name for what might be. It seemed like the elephant in the room. The tests where scheduled for the next week on Tuesday. Again, I kept the knowledge to myself and remained in the tangible peace of God. That Sunday at church Pastor Good taught about prophecy and then called forward anyone looking for a word from God. Apostle Furlow said to me, "I see you in a clinic or a medical office, and that thing that was unnamed God calls healing!" Hallelujah. I received prayer for healing. I wept with joy at the knowledge of such love that He showed up to speak healing and life and comfort to me. I did not focus on finding the area and keeping it in place. I focused on God's words of healing spoken over me. At the appointment, the technician asked me to locate the area of the lump to be sure it was included in the imaging. I could not find it. It was gone. The technician scanned, the doctor thoroughly scanned and thoroughly examined. No lump was found. The doctor said she could not say what happened. I told her I was prayed over. She had nothing to say about that either. Praise God! He is a keeper!
Lakiya N. Post
May 7, 2016
Last weekend my daughter went to New York with some friends. On the way back, she caught a flat tire. They pulled over and changed the tire out for the spare and continued to drive home. Shortly afterward, the spare tire went flat. It was probably about 2 or 3am. They rode on the flat to the closest station and managed to get a used tire. They didn't get home until about 6am, but they got home safely. I just thank God for keeping them because there were so many opportunities for this to go wrong. There could have been an accident or encountered some bad people or worse. I can't help but think that while I lay sleeping totally unaware, God had it all under control. I thank Him for His protection and allowing her to find a place to buy a tire at that time of night. I recall the word God gave regarding my daughter. He has His hand on her, He has assigned an angel to her. I thank and praise God for He is faithful. Hallelujah! He is worthy to be praised!
Lakiya N. Post
April 24, 2016
One morning last week, my coworker was experiencing migraine headaches. She couldn't tolerate the lights in the room and her vision was blurry. I happen to be in the locker room when she was changing to go home for the day because it had gotten worse. As she was telling me how bad her head was hurting, I felt lead to lay hands on her. I asked her could I pray for her. She said yes. I could feel the anointing as I prayed and laid hands on her head. The next day she told me she felt better and her migraine had stopped. To God be the glory!
Beau S. Post
April 7, 2016
Praise the Lord! He is our Provider and brings increase, promotion, and expansion to His people!

I was informed by a few managers it was very unlikely for me to receive any sort of pay raise in the near future. On October 9th of 2014, I had received an increase to my salary by $3,000 from a promotion that was given to me. Months before, it was prophesied that the Lord would bring increase to us financially and promotion in the workplace. Then, on April 6th of 2015, I received another increase to my salary which was close to $2,000. I have posted these testimonies this RTNKC Testimony Center if you would like to go back and see.

I was called into my manager's office to discuss my performance for the 2015 fiscal year. She simply handed me a Compensation Statement with my new salary and said, "Congratulations. You have received a 3% increase to your annual salary." This will add another $1,700 to my income! Apostle Richard prayed for us at the end of Monday night's class for a release of finances and the Lord answered!

These promotions / salary increases have also been answers to a continuous prayer of mine for the Lord to bring increase to me financially so I can invest more into His Kingdom and into those who are establishing it among us. Thank You Lord!
Lakiya N. Post
March 27, 2016
About a year ago, I prayed for a coworker who was having marital problems. She had come into work that day upset and burdened down. She shared with me in detail what was going on. She was at the point she was considering separation. She had been listening to other coworkers that suggested she shouldn't continue to deal with it. After listening to her, I suggested we pray and she agreed. I prayed for her and her husband regarding communication, for healing in their relationship and for her husband to open his hardened heart. The very next day she text me and said when she got home that evening, he apologized. She then said, "God did it!" I thanked and praised God. I was encouraged too. Well recently at work she recalled the time I prayed for her and God answered. She said things have been good between them ever since. She realizes God did it. Be encouraged sisters and brothers in your prayers. Go answers prayer. To God be the glory!
Josue M. Post
March 26, 2016
God is good!
This week on Monday's class(March 21st)And under such a strong anointing, Apostle had released a word concerning streams of income and multiplication of the seed sown. I had sown a seed for kingdom advancement at 10:05 pm. Two days later -- Somebody say, "Two Days!" -- On March 24th at 4:10 pm on Wednesday, exactly 42 hours and 5 minutes later I received a phone call! I was asked if I could help a church for their Good Friday service by playing the piano.. And on That Friday --Two days after the phone call-- I received a thank you for my worship through the music and a check worth more than 3 times what I had sown! You see, Your gift will make room for you but your seed is a key that will unlock the door.. And the prophetic word released will open that door!

Glory to God! Now this is just the beginning! This blessing is for us all! The door has been opened! The streams have begun to flow and the seed is being multiplied!
Bridgette C. Post
March 23, 2016
A few weeks ago, by mother and I prayed for my one year old baby cousin named Violet who had received a doctors report of extremely high levels of led in her blood. The range is a 0-10 scale, 10 being very high poisoning, 0 being none detected. She had a reading of 16. Led is commonly found in the paint in older houses, it can cause developmental delays and even brain damage in severe cases. The health department was scheduled to come and investigate their home. Her parents (my aunt and uncle) are not saved, and very doubtful of anything spiritual or supernatural. We asked if we could pray for the baby, and they said yes but went on with their conversations and even talked over my mother praying. They dismissed the prayer and went home. We prayed the levels would dramatically decrease, and that no harm would come to the baby. My uncle called us a few days later and said that Violet's led levels were now at a 3. The health department no longer had to come investigate their house. PRAISE GOD! We prayed in the midst of much opposition, but we serve such a faithful and loving God. He supernaturally healed this little baby of led poisoning.

Now my Aunt has asked us if she and the baby can attend church with us this Easter, and we are able to minister to her. Glory to Our Father in heaven.
Edwin R. Post
March 10, 2016
At my job, there is a co worker who has been dealing with several deaths in her family such as her father, grandmother, uncle and more. She missed many days of work due to dealing with funeral after funeral. As soon as I saw her, I asked to see if we can go on break together. As we were on break, I began to encourage her with scriptures of strength and comfort. My coworker mentioned how she started to feel peace and new strength. I continued to speak life into her through this very dark time in her life.
"And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." Revelation 12:11

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