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Beau S. Post
February 25, 2014
While I was at work today, a co-worker came up to me and started to ask me what I knew about the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam. She wanted to strike up a conversation after and asked me about how RTNKC was going. I started to tell her about the wonderful things that God has been doing among us and started to share my testimony with her. She, like myself, grew up Catholic and was very confused about doctrine and beliefs of the church. I shared a few Scriptures with her and experiences I have had in the Lord. Once I began to tell her about His love for us being displayed on the Cross and having the privilege of calling Him our Father, she began to tear up and was in complete shock. She said she did not know that God desired to have such a close relationship with us. The word "seek" kept coming to me so I told her that if she would ask God to reveal Himself that He WILL do it.

I am believing God will reveal Himself to Samantha. The Lord said that He will back up our words and I would like to ask all of you to believe for her salvation to come soon.

Father, I thank You for this opportunity which You have given me to share the gospel and Your love. I pray that You bless the words that I spoke to Samantha and come to her, Lord. Your Word says to "ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, and knock and the door will be open." I am asking, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that You show her the reality of You, God. I believe with all my heart that she is going to embark on a mission to seek you above all else to find You, Father. I thank You for standing at the door to meet her and invite her into Your family and Your kingdom. In the precious name of Jesus I ask these things. To God be all the thanks, praise, and glory. Amen!
Joshua G. Post
January 31, 2014
May the Lord bless you brothers and sisters.. About week or two ago, I was at the gym working out when I saw a guy I knew through A friend. I went to say hi and we started to have a conversation about his bad knees and how the government won't help him with college even though He was in the army for a couple of years. He's missing a lot of the cartilage in his knees. He said that the doctors suggested squats to build the quadricep muscles to take the pressure off his knees but in order to do that they involve him using his knees. He told me that He can do them, but then he could barely walk the next day. After the conversation I felt lead to pray healing for him. I finished up what I was doing and asked If I can pray for him. He said yes and so I did... I ran into Him yesterday and He told me that about a week ago He squatted 224lbs without his knees hurting him. He said His knees still bother him a bit while running. please join me to pray for Daniel for complete restoration in His knees.
Beau S. Post
January 27, 2014
Pastor Joy announced at the end of December that the Lord had spoken to him and our elders, saying that the month of January would be a month of healing: spirit, soul, and body. Yesterday was our last service and our pastor preached on the healing power of the Lord and His willingness to heal us now. After his sermon, he released those with the gift of healing to lay hands and pray.
Before service began, a brother in Christ came up to me and told me about a severe back pain. He said it was still present but not as painful as the prior week. Brother David Benavides and I went to him and laid hands upon him. The power of God came upon us and I specifically felt heat coming around us like a cloak.
The brother came up to me after service and said he felt something he had never felt before and an instant relief came to his back. I received a text this morning from him. He thought that the pain may return but he said his back was and is completely healed! He also spoke to me in private about some other issues in his life and said that as we were praying the Lord spoke through the both of us and he felt a "release" from those burdens that were upon him.
Glory be to God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. He is faithful to His Word and delivered healing to many yesterday.
Joshua G. Post
January 14, 2014
My sister has not been in church in over about two years. I received a call from her this past Sunday morning and she told me that she felt "moved" to go to church. I told her "yeah, that would be great." My mother picked her up then myself and we went off to church. My pastor and the elders at my church felt lead to preach healing and breaking of chains this month, a lot of which my family needs. We need physical, emotional, relational and mental healing. This Sunday, the Lord touched the heart of my sister and my mother. As I held them in my arms I prayed that the Lord would restore us(the family), and heal the deep wounds in our hearts that were caused by brutal and harsh words that we wished we had never said to each other. I thank the Lord so much that I was able to see that he is working on my family. Glory to God. Words could not explain the joy in my heart to see my sister have a powerful experience with the Living God. It reminds me why I really wanted to serve God. It's to really help people. To let them know that there is a better way to live. And that way is in Jesus because He loves us, restores us and wants us to know and live in truth so we may be free. Hallelujah! Glory to Thee Most High God!
Beau S. Post
November 20, 2013
I received a text message from a friend of mine who was in extreme pain. She said her stomach had been bothering her for a few days and that the pain was still present (which was the result of excessive drinking). I told her that I would absolutely pray for her and also ministered to her about drunkenness. She saw where she went wrong and repented from it, asking the Lord for forgiveness.

She did not know that Jesus paid for our healing through His stripes, and as I prayed that over her it stirred up her faith to receive the healing. After I prayed for her, I told her that the healing was on the way. She said she felt an immediate relief and then it was completely gone. Allelujah! Glory to God. His Word is true and He displayed it with power!
Beau S. Post
November 18, 2013
About a month ago, my pastor hosted a night of prayer and worship at his home in Trumbull. A group of about 40 gathered at his house and spent several hours in the presence of God. At about nine o’clock at night, Pastor Joy stood up and introduced a man he had invited named Chris who was in dire need of a kidney. Chris was a member of Crossroads but has been in very poor health for the past year and cannot attend service (it was a struggle for him to even sit through the prayer night). His condition was growing worse and he was not sure how much longer he would live. His name was put on a list to receive one from a donor. Chris had been waiting for a kidney for almost two years and his chances of ever receiving one was slim to none.

Pastor Joy asked if anyone had faith to pray for Chris and lay their hands on him. Around ten of us (including myself) gathered around Chris and called forth a kidney to come. At service yesterday, Pastor Joy announced that he received a call at midnight from Chris saying that a kidney had arrived and that he was going in for surgery immediately! Praise the Lord! All glory be to His Name.

We are still waiting to hear how the surgery went. Please pray for a quick and safe recovery.
Beau S. Post
October 16, 2013
About a week ago I had a dream that I was at Sister Joanne's (Sister Bridgette's mother)home. In the dream, I asked her if she began to speak in tongues. She was amazed that I would ask her a question like that and told me that she hadn't. I told her that I came to stir up the gift of tongues and began praying in the Spirit myself. After praying for several minutes, Sister Joanne began to pray in tongues herself.

The two of us have been going to this bible study at one of our pastor's home. In the car ride back from the group last night, I felt the need to ask her about praying in the Holy Ghost. She was surprised that I asked her that because she had been seeking the Lord for a better understanding of praying in tongues and if it was for her. She told me that she started to hear words come to her in time of prayer but was not sure if it was from God or from her mind. I reassured her that speaking in tongues is for all believers (Mark 16:17) and that what she was hearing was tongues indeed. I told her that all she had to do was open her mouth and not worry about the way it sounded. I remembered the dream that the Lord had given me the week prior and I told her that I was going to pray in the Spirit and that she was going to join in with me. As I said that, she felt the presence of the Holy Spirit come upon her and told me that she began to hear the tongues again. After five minutes of praying, she broke out in tongues! We prayed for several more minutes after that and then we praised the Lord (in English). Glory to God!

I reiterated what Apostle Richard and Pastor Darius said about praying in tongues from Monday night’s class to Sister Joanne. I sent her a text message this morning to see how she was doing and this is the response I received from her: “Beau, I was up [until] 2:30 AM speaking in tongues since last night. I just couldn't wait to speak to God! I got some interpretation and also saw something [in the Spirit].”

Thank You, Lord Jesus!
Beau S. Post
October 9, 2013
Last night I went to a bible study at one of our pastor's house. We went over the first three chapters of Ephesians and had a discussion about the inheritance we have received as His heirs and also about the covenant promises the Lord has made with His people. At the end of the group, the pastor's son came into the room and I began to speak with him. He is on his high school's football team and spoke about an injury he suffered at practice. He forgot his rib pads and had to borrow someone else's. Unfortunately the pads were not his size and he was hit directly on the left side of his torso. He said his side was bruised and he was in pain. As he was telling me about this, I heard someone start to speak of the gift of healing. Suddenly I felt a whirlwind start to wrap around my right hand and it began to burn. I looked over to the person who had mentioned a healing testimony (someone she prayed for recovering) and asked them to lay hands with me. When I asked her, she said she felt the presence of the Holy Spirit rush through her. We prayed over him for a couple of minutes and asked him how he felt. He said there was an immediate relief in his side! I believe he had never experienced God's power like that before and was in total shock. He had tears in his eyes and we praised God. Glory be to His Name!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 28, 2013
One more thing about wanting my money and wanting it now. Each day that I have been saying this, I also said it for one other individual. This person called me on Friday and told me she got a nice sized bonus from her employer. Hallelujah! Let the rivers (of life) flow!!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 28, 2013
"Devil, I want my money and I want it now!" I started saying this on Tuesday morning, 7/23/13 when I get up, and have been saying it everyday since. There was a potential problem with me getting unemployment benefits because they were classifying my former employer as an educational institution and those type of employees don't get unemployment. I trusted God for the resolution to this problem. I had a phone Hearing with Unemployment the same morning I begin my declaration; the same morning I knew my money and everything else that God has for me will begin to flow in to me. I even told Bro. Richard Monday night that I don't have a job yet but I can almost see it -- it is on its way -- Praise God! So in terms of unemployment and the phone Hearing; I was on the phone for about 35 minutes and it didn't look good. The gentleman asked me alot of questions and then got a couple of phone numbers from me and I had to talk about being an adjunct professor at Albertus Magnus College and how often I did that. He said he'd get back to me and we hung up. Immediately after we hung up, I reminded the devil again that I wanted my money now. Later toward the end of the day I received a call back from Unemployment and the gentleman said it was all straightened out and that I should be getting something in about 10 days. I said to him that I really would appreciate it if he expedited the process so I can get my money as soon as possible. He said he would try but couldn't promise anything. I said thank you and we hung up. On Thursday (2 days later), I was checking my emails and noticed I had an alert from my bank. I opened the email and realized that my 3 weeks of back pay from unemployment had been direct deposited into my account. I got my money!!!!! God is so faithful and the devil is defeated. This is a season of wealth -- not just in material gain (money and jobs), but spiritually. If you want it, it's yours. Keep telling the devil that you want your money (currency; everything God has for you), and you want it now. You can have it. Even as I am writing this, I feel the flow of the Holy Ghost preparing me for something big! I have to be in the right place to take hold of what it is and move forward advancing God's Kingdom here on the earth. I am believing with everyone of you who knows that this is true.
"And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." Revelation 12:11

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