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Henry D. Post
July 6, 2013
Friday evening BGC Street Witnessing 2013 session began, after intercessory prayer we were lead by the Spirit to evangelize on Shelton Ave in New Haven. When I concluded witnessing to one individial who made a decision to accept Jesus as his Savior, I noticed a young black male appearing despondent walking towards me with his head bowed down. I approached him to engage conversation,all the while he would only make brief eye-contact while talking. His appearance did not suspect me of any drug/alcohol ingestion. I began to tell him that God loves him and the blessings of having a relationship with Him, then I began to share my testimony with him. At this time he raises his head with longer eye-contact with interest. After about five minutes I prayed with him, and he made a decision to trust Jesus as his Savior. He stated when we were praying he felt something in his spirit he couldn't explain, but he felt better. At this time he has a smile on his face ear-to-ear thanking us. I continued to explain that was the power of God unto salvation and not of us. We exchanged contact info. for follow-up in the future. I thank God for salvation and for using me to share His word to those who need it. Thanks be to God for Divine encounters.
Joshua G. Post
June 25, 2013
A couple of weeks ago, one of my co-workers and friend was at the end of her recovery process of having her gull bladder removed b/c of chronic pain. One day she wasn't feeling well and felt the same type of pain she felt before the surgery. Furthermore, she was worried b/c her son (6 or 7 yrs old) started breaking out with a rare skin anomaly where the skin starts growing hard patches of skin (like scales), was itchy and slimy at the same time. The anomaly was also contagious like chicken pox. I told her that I would pray for them. About a week or two went by and she was doing much better and I asked about her son. She said it's completely gone and now it's nothing but scars left. I told the Lord has made her well and healed her son and to give him thanks. This opened up an opportunity to talk a bit about Jesus.... Please pray with me that this seed that's being sown would prosper and that the Lord would speak to her and touch her life. Her name is Samyra.
Beau S. Post
June 24, 2013
I want to thank everyone for their prayers for my youth pastor, Tom. The doctors believe it was a tick-based illness and they have put him on antibiotics. His strength has immensely improved and the family is extremely grateful. Please continue to keep him in prayer and pray that there will be no long-term damage to his health.
Octavia B. Post
June 12, 2013
Yesterday a friend of my family called and me crying. She is 19 years old and has a 7 month old baby. She called me frantic because she was ready to give up life. She said she has been crying nonstop for 3 days straight. She was overwhelmed with the duties of being a single mother and was not receiving any assistance from her family. She said she everything she tries to do fails and on top of everything she keeps have horrific nightmares. After she calmed down I asked her does she know anything about Jesus. She didn't know much just heard about a "God". I gave her my testimony about having kids young. I shared personal details about how Jesus helped me and showed me a path full of victories. After explaining to her who Jesus is I told her to try Jesus, make Him Lord and watch her life change. She accepted Jesus and I prayed for her. I told her the importance of finding a church and helped her download the Bible application on her phone. I am so grateful that another soul has been saved from darkness and now can experience the fullness of our Lord! Her name is Michelle, please keep her in prayer.
Nikilia R. Post
June 5, 2013
Awhile back I asked God to show what He sees in me and who He wants me to be. I am thankful to God for what He revealed to me on Monday night at RTNKC. Not only did he reveal it to me personally He also revealed it me prophetically and this time I got it. Thank you Father for never giving up on me and for allowing to hear you in the spirit. I will continue to wait until you tell me to move.
Joshua G. Post
May 24, 2013
My mom's procedure went well and is recovering
Beau S. Post
May 20, 2013
A friend of mine from high school approached me through Facebook one day asking about the change she saw in me and about my time in Kenya. I saw this as an opportunity to witness Christ to her. I told her about my radical conversion experience and how my life has drastically changed for the good. She told me that I had encouraged her and increased her faith. Her father was a drug addict for most of her life and she didn’t really keep in touch with him. About five years ago, he received Christ in his life and has been sober ever since! She recently decided to attend church with her father after speaking with me and she accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. I thank God that He gave me the opportunity to speak to a lost friend. All the glory goes to God.
Octavia B. Post
May 6, 2013
Friday night I had dinner with my friend Tatiana who recently got saved that I mentioned before and another one of our friends Samantha who is actually Buddhist. Tatiana was sharing her testimony with us how ever since she had given her life to Christ she has been having victory in her finances, her school, and most importantly her mind. We were sharing with Samantha how having a relationship with Jesus is more than just prayer rituals and church services. Being a child of God comes with benefits and blessings. We were explaining to Samantha that prayers get answered and that serving God is based on Faith. I challenged her to try Jesus, make Him Lord and build a relationship with Him and if she doesn't see changes in her life than she could go back to the Buddha. Thank God for another soul entering in the kingdom!
Niki N. Post
April 30, 2013
My daughter was diagnosed with a debilitating disease that would shorten her life significantly. I never allowed the Dr. To make me believe herlife wotuld be affected. She. has been perfect until this Christmas Eve. She had a bad experience that tried to make me doubt my God. Recently I recieved test results that identify her as a regular healthyl
Beau S. Post
April 29, 2013
Bless the Holy Name of Jesus! Brianna, my friend that got food poisoning, has made a full recovery. Also, the doctors reported that there was absolutely no negative impact on the health of the baby and said that he was "well protected." Praise God!
"And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." Revelation 12:11

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