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Joshua G. Post
April 28, 2013
In today's service, my pastor used a lot of our time to share messages, prayer, and testimonies with each other. All of a sudden, I wanted to share something that I read during the week, but as I was trying to remember where it was in the bible. However instead of finding the passage I was looking for I came across a passage that the Lord wanted me to read. The passage was Romans 5:6-11. I felt as though some people were feeling unworthy to have the blessing the Lord has provided them. As I was reading the passage, everything started to click, and little by little a message was forming for me to share. Verse 8 shows just how much God loves us. Even as sinners, lowly people, he send his son to atone for our sins by GIVING his life for us. This is contrary to that in verse 7 says that even for a righteous man one would think twice about dying for him. By the blood of Christ we are justified and saved from his mighty wrath. In the first part of verse 10 it says "For if while we were God's enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his son." The verse says we are reconciled. Our debts were paid by the blood of Christ. the rest of the verse says "how much more having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!" Not only do we receive God's mercy but also his Grace and are saved through his life. The blood of the cross cleans us to make us worthy... All this came to me in a matter of a few minutes. I was nervous about sharing, but knew the Lord wanted me to share, and so I did. At the end of the little message, I said a quick prayer for a renewing of strength for those who need it in the congregation. It was so evident that it came from God because the message fit right in to the songs that were being sung and a lot of the other words being shared. I thank God for salvation and for using me to share his word to those who needed it. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Glory to the One True Living God. Our savior Jesus Christ.
Octavia B. Post
April 27, 2013
The beginning of this month I reconnected with my childhood friend from the 7th grade. We had lunch and was talking about how our lives had been. She mentioned how she did not really believe in God. I went through a series of events that I had been through and showed how God delivered, provided, and protected me. Because my friend was going through so much, she mentioned that she felt that she was losing her mind. I told her to try Jesus, give her life to Him and if things didn't turn around she could go back to believe that there is no God. We decided to meet up for dinner a couple days later and she said she wanted to accept Jesus. She said "I want to feel hope and I want things to turn around." My friend got saved. The past couple days I have been talking with her and explained that she feels so encouraged! She mentioned that she felt for the first time ever that she has a purpose. She said that family memebers and even strangers have been telling her that they see a glow on her. She has been praying, reading, and building a relationship with Jesus. Thank God for saving a soul!!
Beau S. Post
April 26, 2013
Every morning on the drive to work I pray. I was in traffic for close to an hour until the Merritt finally started to clear up. As I was increasing my speed, I felt my left ear start to burn. This is not the first time I've had this sensation. It has happened several times in class and outside of class and I believe it is God telling me to pay attention to my surroundings. I stopped praying out loud and began to hear in the Spirit. I heard this siren that I have never heard before. I could not distinguish it and I could not find any police cars or ambulances. As I was getting off of Exit 40B, I looked in my rear-view mirror to see a white car that was coming at me somewhere between 70-80 MPH. The car did not slow up and I quickly turned the steering wheel to the right. The car must have missed me by about an inch! As I got off the exit the burning ceased and I knew I was safe. Thanks be to God! Glory be to His Name.
Beau S. Post
March 27, 2013
Thank you for all the prayers for Sister Tineka's father and the family. He was released from the hospital the next day with minor injuries (a few cuts, bruises, swollen face). The recovery is going very well and the doctors said there is no sign of long-term damage. Thanks be to God!
Nikilia R. Post
March 20, 2013
I had to take two medical tests yesterday and I knew that I was healed in Jesus Name and that everything would be fine. But just as Minister Darius said in class Monday the enemy tries to make us afraid of our situation even though God has already promised victory. Although I have heard Minister Darius tell the story about his burned arm the part about him not being afraid reached me in a different way this time because it reminded me of when I needed surgery after I had my son Savon. I remember going home from the hospital and feeling like I was going to die because the enemy was taking over my thoughts and I was so afraid. But I went into a room by myself and I cried out to the Lord to heal my mind and for God to give me peace. I remembered of all the things I still had to do for,the Lords kingdom. After my prayer God gave me a peace that to this day is hard to truly explain. I ended up going back to hospital and needing surgery but I wasn't afraid. The doctors and nurses keep commenting on how much peace I had. So yesterday as I took my tests I remembered that if I didn't need to be afraid before then I didn't need to be afraid now. The test results came back today and showed no problems. Thank you Jesus!!!!
Clarissa P. Post
March 20, 2013
Has anyone ever had an Eli experience in the early morning hours(2:00 a.m.)? In the book of 1 Samuel we will find the account of the Lord calling Eli.Praise the Lord it's a good thing when the Lord calls you by your name to speak to you. It has been a good season for the first 3 months of 2013.I know that Minister Darius Good had spoken to our congregation about the great things God was going to do with the first quarter of the year. God has been moving and shifting things in my life and I am glad that I'm learning how to trust the Lord in other areas of life. It at times came be rocky but praise be to God our father who knows where we are in Him and where we are positioned to be in Him on a daily basis. I thank God for the changes in life.Most of all I thank Him for teaching me how to rest and trust in him. For when He sets things in motion and we trust in Him we will come out just fine. Lord thank you for fine tuning my ears to hear you calling my name....Here's to growth and maturity in the Lord!!!
Clarissa P. Post
March 20, 2013
For several years my youngest daughter has been struggling in school to comprehend her reading assignments. Even though she is an honor student it takes time for things to process in her mind. If you as her she states that she needs to think it through and guess what it's according to her processing time. So I saught the Lord regarding this concern...To my surprise I was reading in the book of Daniel 1:9 about how he and 3 Hebrew children were in school in Babylon. God had given them favor with the teachers. So I began to meditate on this scripture. I said Lord if you can do it for them you can do it for her. I prayed Lord give Mikayla favor with every teacher and anoint her to retain all that she is taught academically and spiritually.From that day forth we get up and confess Lord we have life in you.John 1:4 states that In him was life. The light in Christ stands for development. Lord we thank you for developing her mind.You alone allow the impartation and knowledge to become alive in her.You alone Lord are in control of all life skills academically and spiritually therefore all learning and wisdom come from you. I shared with my daughter how when the boys in the story were finished with training and learning in school that they were ten times smarter than before. I asked her if she believed what the Lord did for Daniel and the three boys. She said Yes, Praise God from this day forth she has been excelling and recalling all that she has been taught. Her teacher has seen a change in her recalling information that she had struggles with before.I praise God because I remember when Brother Campbell came to BIBLE GOSPEL CENTER when Mikayla was only 3 years old and he stated that the Lord sent him there to minister to a family with a young child concerning this matter. He stated that the LORD SAID THAT YOUR CHILD WILL NOT FALL BEHIND IN SCHOOL.No matter what THE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE THAT SHE WAS GOING THROUGH WITH ASTHMA AND ALLERGIES.Praise the Lord ,He is fulfilling that prophecy that was spoken over her life!!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 17, 2013
About a month ago, I began talking with brother Beau about my doubts about the existence of God. He told me that I should pray for God to reveal himself to me as he would do the same. Two weeks later, the morning after the first small group that I have been to in a long time, God opened my spiritual eyes to see the spirit of oppression and confusion that was chaining my mind. After this moment, he began to build my confidence in him and began to slowly reveal himself to me. I want to thank everyone who has been praying for me and to God who is gracious to those who ask of him.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 15, 2013
About three weeks ago I had a dream that my appendix ruptured but the dream felt so real, I immediately woke up with a sharp stabbing pain in the lower right quadrant of my abdomen. The pain was totally debilitating I couldnít get out of bed. Being a medic I knew that all the signs and symptoms pointed to Appendicitis and that I should go to the hospital, thatís what my mind was telling me but I knew I had to consult God that He could heal me right then and there. So I asked God what should I do? Should I go to the ER? Shortly after I asked God he said ďsay what you believe and believe what you sayĒ so I did. I commanded my body to line up with the Word, I confessed that I was healed and that sickness and disease had no place in my body. I confessed that I was healed and I whole heartily believed it. That was the last day I dealt with that pain and my appendix is just fine glory to God. I know this is a personal victory but it helped to increase my faith because time and time again God has healed me and countless others around me. If God can do that for me he can do it for anyone. I know some of you reading this may be fighting your own physical battles but donít be discouraged get in Godís presence, stay in Godís presence and Heed the Word of the Lord you will make it through.

Peace and Blessings
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 4, 2013
3/4/13 Marion is growing stronger everyday. Last week she had her hair cut and the lady cutting her hair was led to the Lord! This week they're deciding when they will send her home. It may even be the end of this week. She walked up 3 stairs today. She has to be able to walk from the car, up her walk and up 6 steps into her house.

Cancerous tumors are continuing to grow. Issues with back, legs, hip. Today she's in a lot of pain. She says she's under severe attacks by things being spoken by other patients and family in her room. Death is in the room because of a 97 year old roommate who is slowly passing away. She asks for prayer to increase in the strength of the Lord. God told her to enter into His rest. She's learned she has cancer in her lungs. The enemy is attacking in her head and lungs. She still needs oxygen. She believes that she's now in Goshen where Israel (Marion) was built strong and grew. She has been totally dressing herself for 4 days.

While in the midst of storm, the battle is raging but God is moving. She feels our prayers. She is also awakened in the night and is prompted by God to pray for her intercessors. I believe that we should continue to pray until all cancer and the effects of cancer leaves her body.
"And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." Revelation 12:11

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