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Beau S. Post
July 23, 2014
Our Heavenly Father, we give You thanks and praise for all that You have done among us. You have given us hope, vision, and clarity. Thank You for stirring us and igniting us with a passion and desire to see the transformation of the city of Bridgeport. We pray that it may not be known as just a city with a church building on every street corner but as a city of the Gospel in power and manifestation of the Spirit. We present ourselves as living sacrifices and ask that it be done through us for Your glory. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
Beau S. Post
March 5, 2014
Let us continue to keep our instructors, Apostle Richard and Pastor Darius, in prayer as they minister this week at Holy Ghost Tabernacle in Hamden.
Beau S. Post
March 5, 2014
Father God, I thank You for being ever-present. No matter where we are on this earth, You are with us and for that I give you praise. I am asking that you fill the mouth of Pastor Rich Joy and his brother Vinny as they are preaching right now in Njathaini, Kenya. May Your grace and Your power be with them to push back the forces of darkness in Jesus' Name. May souls be saved, bodies healed, and the love of Christ be revealed and immensely poured out upon all flesh. Amen.
Bridgette C. Post
March 3, 2014
Prayer Request :
A very close family friend's father just got diagnosed with throat cancer. Prayers for his healing and full recovery would be greatly appreciated.
Beau S. Post
March 1, 2014
On this year's mission trip to Njathaini (a village in Nairobi, Kenya), we have 18 going from our congregation and a couple of people who felt led to go (who are not members of Crossroads). Please pray for: safe travels, good communication between themselves and the people, that their ears would be open to hear what the Spirit is saying, overall health and wellness, an opening to minister to those in the Nairobi prison.
Nikilia R. Post
February 25, 2014
Nikki asking for your prayers. I went to the drs yesterday and his report was NOT good. Blood work revealed my kidneys are declining. They are now at 22 percent. If they go down to 20 I will need to go back on dialysis. I am not receiving the report. I am going to wait on God. I am going to have the saints invade heaven. I am healed. This is a prayer request from one of my friends.....I asking that you pray with me for her....She knows God is a healer she has Lupus and is asking and believing God for a supernatural healing.....Lord I pray that the same healing power that we saw you perform through AA. Allen bring supernatural healing to my friend let here healing manifest immediately in Jesus Name.
Beau S. Post
February 24, 2014
Glory be to God! For those who could not join us at the Fire Conference yesterday, our waitress was saved and came back to the Lord! She is also the same waitress we had before who was requesting prayer for her mother who was in the hospital. Before class began she said, "Those prayers of yours were powerful and God heard them. My mother recovered quicker than ever and she is doing very well now." Thanks be to God!

We will be continuing to pray for her, Mary, and her family (husband's name is Michael and she has children as well). She asked for prayer in regards to her marriage, finances, and that her husband and children will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.
Beau S. Post
February 12, 2014
A friend of mine from the past sent me a message on Facebook telling me about how she feels God is leading her to church. She was raised Catholic and believes that she does not know the Lord and asked me what she should do. This is about the third time she has spoken to me about God and the hopeless direction she feels her life is taking her in. Thank God that He is drawing her to the Son! Please pray that God would speak to her through me and that He will reveal His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the salvation there is in Him alone. May she be added to the Kingdom and to the family of God, for His glory. Amen.
Joshua G. Post
January 31, 2014
Please join me in prayer for my sister. The doctors think she may have cervical cancer and are going to test for it in the month of February. Her name is Charlene.
Beau S. Post
January 27, 2014
Prayer Request:

A family friend, Nick Palko, is having quadruple bypass surgery tomorrow morning at 10 A.M.

Please pray that the surgery goes well and that Nick has a speedy and safe recovery. Also, please keep his family in your prayers. He has a wife, four sons, and a daughter.
"And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hearerh us" - 1 John 5:14

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