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Beau S. Post
May 26, 2016
Father, there is nothing like Your presence among us. We thank You that You are God. You abide with Your people and have promised to never leave. What great joy this brings us! You are our Keeper; You protect us from harm. Allelujah! We embrace Your holy Word and say our hearts and minds are open. Our ears are inclined and await to hear Your voice. Thank You for this Revival of Knowledge that we are in. May your people be stretched and increased so that we may know You more in Jesus' Name.
Edwin R. Post
May 24, 2016
Father, we give you thanks for the victory on every side. I thank you for awakening us and make us aware what is around us. I pray for an increase in our hearing. That we can hear you in a higher frequency and may the eyes of our understanding be enlightened. We thank you because In You there is light. We will follow and obey ! Our mind is open and our hearts are ready to recieve what you have for us!
tanya b. Post
May 22, 2016
Lord we give you thanks and all the praise! We thank you for the increase in wisdom, knowledge and understanding as You are bringing us higher in teachings. I pray that as we learn new things this week that we will be open, ready and receive the fullness of understanding. I pray that You would strengthen us Lord, as well as bringing us higher in prayer together as a unit/church. We thank You for the year of expansion and season of answered prayers. We give you our hearts Lord; we proclaim victory in every area of our lives in Jesus name!

With Him are wisdom and strength, He has counsel and understanding. Job 12:13 NKJV

For wisdom is better than rubies, And all the things one may desire cannot be compared with her. Proverbs 8:11 NKJV

A wise man will hear and increase learning, And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel. Proverbs 1:5 NKJV

May we continue to progress, grow and mature in Him brothers and sisters in Christ, Amen.
Bridgette C. Post
May 21, 2016
Lord we thank you for all that you are doing and all that you are showing us. So much revelation knowledge has been released, and we just give you thanks for understanding and increased capacities. We know that we must fully understand what is being taught, to receive the fullness and walk in it.

Help us be mature, oh Lord. We understand that spiritual growth is the result of the battles we face. We thank you for keeping us, protecting us, and maturing us.

I am especially thankful Lord for your healing power. You are the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Thank you that healing comes through you Lord. We put our trust in you. We thank you for a divine covering and protection over the school, and the families represented. The victory comes in your name. Hallelujah!
Josue M. Post
May 18, 2016
We pray from the place of overcoming and proclaim victory in every area! We take authority of the airways and of the atmosphere so that there will be a free flow and move of the Holy Spirit! We pray that the capacity to understand revelation and knowledge would be expanded and I pray we will be able to contain God's word which proceeds from His mouth! We partner with God in accomplishing heaven's agenda and receive the understanding of Kingdom strategies so that Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven! We pray that the light of dominion would be revealed unto us so that the church --God's legal entity in which He moves in the earth-- would continue the purposes of The Lord and undo the works of the devil and push back darkness with glorious light and demonstrations of power! In Jesus name!
Edwin R. Post
May 10, 2016
Father, we thank you for full victory in every area. I thank you for being a God who delivers. I thank you for freedom from the spirit of fear. I bind the spirit of fear now in Jesus name. I silence every demonic voice whispering into ears now in Jesus name. I thank you Lord, that success is our portion. We are the generation that will push and be bold. We thank for the boldness !
tanya b. Post
May 8, 2016
Lord I pray that there be an increase of open eyes and ears, and that as new things are taught and revealed, it would stir in us that much more of a desire to push harder. I pray that mindsets be renewed so that we won’t be stuck in a religious mindset, being okay with new changes and ways of doing things as You lead and direct for it to be so. I pray that we the church can adjust when there needs to be adjusting, spiritually and naturally, let there be a coming out of comfort zones and trusting you in what we don't feel comfortable doing, help us to see the bigger picture when it come to our personal lives and spiritual relationship with You oh God, that we see and understand the importance of kingdom culture. Help us Oh Lord to become better leaders, ministers, and followers. Give us the strength that we need. Holy Spirit I pray that You move and touch those who not only desire your presence, Peace, and Love, but those who desire to see Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We thank you for the season of answered prayers, for the year of expansion and for Your great love. We give our hearts to you, we give you praise, we trust in You, we love you, let this week be a week of acceleration in maturity and power, in Jesus name, Amen.
Bridgette C. Post
May 7, 2016
Lord, we give you thanks and praise for all you are doing and all that you have done for us. We thank you for the revelation of the spirit of fear, and we thank you for the authority to break it in your name. We believe you have called us and chosen us to advance your kingdom in the earth, and will will not fail! Failure is not an option with you Lord. The end result is victory. Help us to reach people, because you are concerned with salvation. Let this be at the forefront of our minds! We continue to pray for the Church, the body of Christ in this time. The culture of the Kindgom must be established. Help us learn your ways Lord!
Edwin R. Post
May 4, 2016
Father, we thank you for missionaries who gave their whole lives to bring life into areas of darkness. I thank you for them Lord. I ask that their needs will be supplied, I pray for boldness as they speak your word they will not back down or be afraid. I pray that they will walk in higher revelations and I speak strength into their inner man. I pray that they will not be weary but they will arise as son and daughters of the kingdom. I speak protection over them as well. I pray for an increase of resources as they are out bring kingdom realities in hostile regions!
tanya b. Post
May 1, 2016
Lord I pray that as we continue to walk with you that you would open our eyes as we are being trained in ministry, that as we seek to hear your voice and seek guidance that You would open eyes and ears to cling to Your voice. Help us to see how kingdom culture is supposed to look and how You want to establish it here in the earth. Let us not be a people to miss it and just do things according to what looks good or feels good. We are the generation that will seek your face, seek direction, and not move until you speak and give the fullness in strategy. We will also be the generation not to miss it when instructions and strategies are given, so that we can continue to move and grow. Thank you for this year of expansion, of the season of answered prayers, of growth in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Amen.
"And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hearerh us" - 1 John 5:14

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